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May 4th, 2005

07:27 pm
Lottie Johnson
Life cycle of the frog

Most frogs mate in water. There are a few types of frogs who mate on

land. Their mating process can last several days. They mate in a position called am

plexus. While in this position the male frog fertilizes the females eggs as they are


Frogs tend to lay single eggs in masses where toads usually lay eggs in

long chains. Some frogs leave after this, others stick around to watch the eggs.

Frogs usually lay many many eggs because they have a high chance of dying. Eggs

that die turn a white color.

After hatching the egg turns into a tadpole. After hatching the todpole

feeds on the remaining yolk, which is still in it’s gut. The tadpole is made

up of only poorly developed gills, a mouth, and a tail at this point. The tadpoles are

really fragile.

More often than not they will stick themselves to floating weeds or grass in

the water using the little sticky organs between their mouth and their stomach

area. Seven to Ten days after the tadpole is hatched it will start swimming around

and start feeding on algae in the water.

After about 4 weeks, the gills begin to get grown over by skin. The

skin grows over the gills until they eventually disappear. Then the tadpoles get

very small teeth which help them chew food turning it into soupy oxygenated


The tadpoles have long coiled guts which help them to better digest all the

nutrients they intake. By the 4th week the tadpoles can be social. Some of them

actually began swimming in schools just as a fish would.

Between six to nine weeks small legs begin to sprout. The ’head’ of the tadpole then

becomes more noticeable The head becomes more distinct and the body grows

longer . Also, at this time the diet of the tadpole grows. By now they will eat larger

things such as dead bugs or plants. The arms start to pop out, elbow coming out

first. When the tadpole is about 9 weeks it will look more like a very small frog

that has an extremely long tail. At this point the tadpole is near fully grown.

By this time the ‘ Froglet ‘ as they are called at this point (12 weeks) Only

has a very small tail which is just a stub. It will currently look just like a miniature

version of an adult frog. Very soon, it will leave the water, and it will only return to

lay more eggs and start the whole lifecycle process over.

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March 29th, 2005

01:03 pm - Blah..
I'm @ school & I'm bored. I got to Disect a worm today in Biology. *eww* It was kind of sick. but, I slept through most of it. I have Algebra next hour *grr* I don't wanna go to that damn class. I hate it! It's pretty nice outside today :-). I wish I could see Les tonight..*sigh* Maybe he'll come over..I kind of want him to, but then again I don't ya know? I mean..We're all going to his house on Friday..but I want him to come over too ya know? But I want people to be there..not just be me & him because...yea! lol Plus, April's off of work tonight. I'm trying to talk Shawn into taking me over there tomorrow night after she goes to work...he said no though..grr!! I don't know why he won't. But, I know we're going over there on Friday..Shawn said he was gonna leave me there & come back and get me. I'm working on us getting to stay out till' like 3 because I told my mom that "jess" wants us to "come over" again but " she wants to go cruizeing until 12 then have us come over till' whenever" and yea..So it's all good..and HOPEFULLY it'll work so we can stay AFTER 12 & I think Les is getting some nutz for every1 cuz him & Shawn were talking last night and he was like "i think I can swing it" lol so yea....*sigh* a big part of me wants to __________________________ and a _____ part of me wants me to too LOL but then again i'm like I dunno..he's old. But, I really do love him..there's no denying that now. *happy sigh* he told me I "kiss like an angel" made me feel sweet. But, anyway, I'm in school & i don't want people gettin' TOO nosey so I'm just gonna go. I'll update more later :-)
<3 Lottie
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January 25th, 2005

04:29 pm - YaY!

In general a *very* good day. I don't really remember anything all too exciting that happend @ school, untill they announced that the 443rd was back from Iraq..and i was like :-O *DANCES PEES PANTS CREAMS PANTS CRIES* LoL Because that ment Marive-Pooh was home! (( And, marvin , if you read this, you KNOW you love me! )) Then Marv came & saw me @ school and that made me really happy, I cried and all that good teenage in love girl emotional type kind of Stuff! and then I had to stay after school w/ Watson for speech..for my HI i'm going to do something called "French Fries" and for my oration I'm obviously doing my Oration....kind of have changed it a lot though. Plus, I'm also looking at poetry. Then, after I got out of school, I got to see BRITTANY! which, that made me hella happy. Me & her & Shawn & charles chilled..her shawn were all lovey, was cute. Plus, we found out that my cousin Kimmie has to go to a foster home for 7 months. *sigh* I don't really have a lot to say about that one :| :|

Not a whole hell of a lot happend. The highlight of my day was scaring the shit out of Kara...She goes "Suck my Clitorius." and i go "not right now." LoL!! she's like :O :O :O WHAT!?! I'm like "hey..you said it." I thought it was funny *hehe* although, in all truth, I'd never suck anything of hers. Because 1) she lies way to motha fuckin' munch 2) I wanna fuck her boyfriend 3) she's this freaky little goth girl that *wants* everyone to hate her and she follows WAY to many trends for my taste. So...yea. Now, I have to watch my grandma :| Kind of pisses me off. My aunt already goes out 3 nights a week, but tonight she insisits on going out..pisses me off. I have a life too lady. Plus, I've only got to see marv like once...and yea. I mean, granted, he's up at his parents house, but I think he's coming back down today. I kind of hope so. I miss him. The deal of it is, I called him early sunday morning here, would've been way other some funky time over there, cuz I got the number from his brother and well anyway, I call him on my cell. and He tells me he'll be home in feb. and i'm not a big news person so i didn't know when they where coming back or anything, cuz Saturday night I was having a *HARD* time w/ the whole.....everything that happend in August and then when we "stopped talking" and he didn't even see me on his leave..that was fucked up..but anyway, now we're on good talking terms and everythings going fairly smooth ya know? I'm thankful for that. Maybe we'll hook up....again. lol ..I don't honestly know what I want w/ that whole ordeal, He needs to watch his nuts though that's all I can say, I *am* underage...and he's totally aware of so, but he just needs to watch himself when it comes to younger girls I guess..anywho. Time for me to go out for a smoke...

*~* Peace Love & Lollipops *~*
Current Mood: confusedemotional

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January 23rd, 2005

12:49 am - Oration behind the cut

So, here is my oration...If you do so happen to read it remember i still have * A LOT* of frickin' editing to do, I just read it and it was 8mins 4seconds, it's suppose to be 8-10mins. long...Once i get everything added n' such, it should be atleast 9mins.  it's about Taking Things For Granted and yea..I got to memorize this bitch..Grr!


Orginal Oration 4 Comp. Speech Class...not that anyone will read it LoL Collapse )

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Current Music: Extacy - Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony

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January 22nd, 2005

08:28 pm - .Bored.Outta.My.Motha.Fuckin.Mind.
So..I honestly can't give you a reason why I'm updating *AGAIN* other than the fact that I'm so fucking bored I could like pull my fucking arm hairs off and be entertained. But, even though I enjoy a little pain every now and then, Pulling my arm hairs off really doesn't sound like the type of pain i choose to endure right now. Now, on the other hand, having my nipples sucked so hard that they bleed, or my neck bitten so hard it feels good kinda sounds good about now. BUT, what do ya know, I'm setting here, at my grandmas, listening to Harry Potter playing on the TV, updating my fucking Live Journal..what a life, right? Actually, I think I'm going to go out for a cigarette and maybe put grandma to bed with in the next 30 or so minutes, she's setting there acting like she wants to go to bed, but hey, when is she not doing that? Me, Shawn, & Charles went by earlier to see if Britt was here yet, I don't know exactly which house they're going to be living in, so we couldn't really tell ya know? But, as far as along 18th street by the Middle School, it didn't look like their van anywhere so I'm just going to take it upon my self to assume, even though asssumption is bull shit, that they're not here yet. I found out a lot of things this past weekend, and realized that my dad isn't quite such a dick after all, he's really slowed down on his drinking, which is definitly good, and he even quit smoking....maybe he's finally realizing he put one foot in the grave a long time ago, and his other legs already half assed in there between the 5 wives he's had, the 4 kids he has, and the being gone 2/3 months at a time job that he currently and probably will have for a long time. I also found out that my half sisters mother, my fathers ex wife, fucked my uncle danny..which is just..wrong. It's been a year today since my grandma died..*sigh* I think that just kind of brought my dads whole side of the family together. None of us really like Lois (grandpas new wife. ) She lied about Jule which just pisses me off, Jule's one of the sweetest people you can meet, she wouldn't hurt a fly, shes done so much good for my dad, she puts up with a lot more of his shit than any of his other ex wives would/could have. She's nice as can be to all of us kids, and she's just a very sweet lady, her and dad have been together for about 4 years now, and I think I'm about the only one of his kids thats any kind of close to her, I mean, Lacey (sis) tries to be close to her, but then Lacey stabs her in the back by going and telling Gwen (step mom/boys' mom) Anything & Everything she knows about daddy!! That pisses me off. And, the boys, Gwen tells them not to even talk to her, and they don't unless She talks to them 1st. I'm glad that my mom honestly don't give a fuck who daddy is married to or who he's fuckin, or what job he has, or any of that shit, she realizes that I'm his daughter & I'm eventually going to develop my own thoguhts about him, and I have, he can be a dick, but on the other hand he is one hard working son of a bitch! *sigh* I'm pretty much rambleing and procrastinating putting grandma to bed and going outside to smoke 1) because I don't want to hear her tell me she don't take her bra off to sleep in and she dont take her teeth out, etc, etc, etc, etc. 2) I'm going to freeze my fucking ass off standing out side smoking! I need to think of what I want my next tattoo to be, I got 4 months till' I get it, 4 months needs to go by FAST damnit! I'm pretty set on getting it on my back...that shall feel good :-) Anyway, I'm going to stop being ms. procrastinator now and put grandma to bed and go make my nipples hard I guess LoL. I'll probably update w/ my Oration & my hollyball pics later (like 6/7 hours later when I go home LoL. ) Shawn & Charles better come & get my funky ass in a little bit, and they better not have that little slutty girl with them...*ulk.* Anyway, yea, Here I go, Nipples hardening just thinking about going outside.

*~* Peace, Love, & Lollipops! *~*
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05:21 pm

Was a good day. I don't really remember what happend, except Friday morning I woke up and I had just had a really *odd* dream. It was about me and some dude, who resembeled this guy Garret A LOT! I mean, like A LOT. We where older though, I think. I might not have been, but he was. And, he was setting on a Pop Corn tin ( i know thats what it was ) In the living room, and I was sitting on the floor by him, and we where holding hands, and I do believe we where talking about having a baby! Well, anyway, he was saying all this stuff about his job or something, and out of the blue I was just like "I love you." Then, I went in the kitchen to do something, i was in the process of takin a shower. I came back in the living room and he had moved to the chair and i was like kissing him and stuff, and I had my arms, holding his arm like up against my chest, and he just started playing w/ my breasts! I was like "Whoa!" Then I woke up. It was odd though because all this occured in the house that I live in now, I was wearing the same things i was actually wearing, and it was just ODD!

I don't really remember what happend on Friday @ school that was too exciting except in Speech class I realized I really like Collin. He wrote an informative about Music, and how much he loves it, and how MP3's and downloading songs on the computer could give everyone across the world the chance to "rock out." that just made me want to have him rock me out! LoL.

Then in CAT class I got Brian Krampe to smile! I was so happy, I kind of like him too! But, anyway, Chandis, Kasi, and Amanda where commenting on how he never smiles, and he had his back to me, and i like started tickleing his side and he smiled! *Aww!*

Also, in CAT time, Amanda Leech and Danielle Carter almost got in a fight!! LoL. Danielle said something and Amanda was like "What are you gonna do , Super Whale!?!" LoL it was FUNNY! and then Danielle started talking ALLLL this shit about Amanda, and she don't even know half of it. Danielle & Audrey are REALLY starting to get on my nerves, I mean..seriously. On Friday Danielle wore this UGLY looking high heel shoe things, it was absolutley GROSS.

Anyway, then on Friday night I went to my dads.


Not a bad day, had fun w/ Dad & Jule!! Just got home a while ago, Got to watch Grandma tonight plus I think Brittany will be here today *YAY!!!*

*~* Peace, Love, & Lollipops! *~*
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January 20th, 2005

05:21 pm - Good Mood - - Tomorrow is Friday Niggie!! Hell yeaz!
So, today in my 1st period (( World History )) we had a sub. and pretty much didn't do anything. Then Slade Gieson, Matt Suchy, Aaron Burton, and Lindsey Savoie had a big ass conversation about bloody noses and shoving tampons up their noses to make the bleeding stop. Kinda gross if you ask me...UlK!

Then in my second period (( Biology )) I worked my ass off getting shit done! Toward the end of that hour Eric Whitmore was being stupid and messin around and he was just playing around and he's like "I've had enough of this!" and he just WALKS OUT of the class room! He's so stupid, he got a referral and a detention, and he was like "I see no reason why I should have a detention." and It's like "Hello stupid boy....!" Then this chick Linsdsay (Not Savoie, but I don't know her last name.) was all bragging about how she had to set in the office everyday last year beacuse supposedly her mother got her kicked out of Biology. She was also bragging about how she'd been to Military school and this and that. Is that something to honestly be Proud of? I wouldn't think so.

Third hour (( Computer Aps )) I worked my ass off and got most of my work done! I was pretty proud of my self for that one.

AlgebraI I got my chapter review thing done, copied off of Chandis Alexander though LoL! (( I'd most definitly be failing that class if it weren't for her & Brian Krampe! )) We have a test in AlgebraI tomorrow, I can almost promise you that I'm going to fail it!

So, that would bring me to after school. Came home, went to Shanes and picked up my professional Hollyball Pictures. They're not bad! I Actually do like them a lot more than I thought I would. Then I went and kinda helped Nick work on his truck. He's loosing weight, looking good. I'd tap that ass again! LoL!! Well, maybe...If he fucked the STD-Infested-Bitch, I won't fuck him again, but if he didn't HELL MOTHA FUCKIN YEA!

Now, I'm watching grandma....she's all restless today but that's okay I guess. Here pretty soon I need to fix her some supper and stuff. Then, I have to call my dad, probably going to call Brittany too. She's going to be here this weekend, I'm *SO* Excited! I'm *SO* glad they're moving back. I tired to call Amber a while ago, But heather wouldn't let me frickin' talk to her..Grr! Then I ofcourse Have that LOVELY 8-10 minute speech to write w/ only 150 directly quoted words!! Got to have that memorized ya know! Then, I have to go home, Print my speech, get all the titles and things...Grr. Get that all printed up and things, Wash my clothes, if there's still Hot water I might take a shower, Not sure yet. But, I'm going to my dads tomorrow night, as far as I know. So, I need to get my shit done for that. And, Scott is staying the night tonight..yay? I don't know, he's not too bad of a kid I guess. He just traded me book bags, yay! I needed a new one to put my shit in to go to my daddys tomorrow. But, this is probably getting kind of long so I'm gonna go work on my Speech...I might post it on here, so I can print it and shit. Plus, I *PROMISE* To post Hollyball pictures tonight, maybe! LoL
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January 19th, 2005

05:41 pm - A Lot Of B.S.= Long Update


            I had court, yestrday, for project STAY.  I , ofcourse, didnt' get off the shit.  Then a whole bunch of shit came up about harrasment & I'm like WTF?  Because I haven't said ANYTHING to ANYBODY except like eric & my ma about Mike Braymer & his shit, so now they're ordering self esteem counciling & for every unexcused absense I have from now on I have to do one hour of community service.  Then after court I got really upset & I don't know why really.  But, oh well, I was/am sick.  So, after court me & my ma got in a BIG fight because I didn't want to/refused to go to school.  So, needless to say she bitched @ me *ALL DAY*  Then she got over it I guess.  I went today, that's what matters right?  Plus WeCare gave me an antibiodic which I have to take *4* times a day!  And they gave me a doctors note for school, so obviously I was/am sick.  Then, last night mom stayed home from work & Shawn stayed the night..fun fun huh?


          I went to school.  In 1st hour ((Health)) we went to the hospital to talk to the head OB/GYN lady & As i was getting ready to get on the bus I fall RIGHT ON MY FAT ASS!  *EVERYONE* pretty much saw it and laughed and i was like "OH SHIT!" as I fell and then Mr. Carter kinda got on my ass about cussing, but HELLO I just busted my ass... I'm going to fuckin' cuss!! 

       Then, we got to the hospital and we got to see the babies in the nursery!!  There was like 4 of them in there.  I was like *aww!* Then the OB/GYN lady talked to us..she's kind of bitch!  The whole time she was talking to us she kept looking at *ME* like I was *PREGNANT* or something!

      But, going there and seeing the babies and everything just made me feel like I want a bebe!  I hate to say this in a way, but this summer (or before)  I honestly hope to find a half way decent, trusting, respectful, mature, boyfriend and I kind of hope that I will "accidently" get pregnant!  I mean, hopefulyl if that does hapen mom would let me keep it.  And I know she can't really afford another baby, but if it ment me beign a mother, i'd sacrafice half of the expensive shit that I do!  And, I'd know the baby came 1st!  Then I could probably go to Alternative Classes (PRAISE THE LORD!)

         Then in my second period (( english )) We watched Romeo & Juliet, Love that story!  Except people in the class where being extremely immature and laughing when they where kissing and such,  but I still love Romeo & Juliet  Makes me wish even more than usual that I "had someone" ya know?  People always give me this "You don't even know what love is!"  Bull Shit!  Can people just not grasp thefact tht I'm way more mature than the average 14 year old?!?


         But, seriously, that's all I really do hope for - a guy who has the same interests as me, loves me for me, and is older!  I don't know whats up with me & Older guys just something about dating guys my age they annoy me! and they aint exactly the most mature ya know? 

   Anyway,  The rest of my day wasn't too bad.  In speech class we just did shit in the Library and in Algebra I got my assignment done..I LOVE BRIAN KRAMPE FOR LETTING ME COPY HIS PAPER! LoL.  We have a test in AlgebraI on friday that I *KNOW* I'm going to fail!  Then, In CAT time Danielle Carter pissed me off..I hope Vanessa kicks the lil' whores ass!

    But, anyway, I'm sure this is helllllla fuckin' long by now so I better go, I have to watch grannie in a few, when I get home tonight I'm gonna scan and post some hollyball pics I think.  

*~* Peace, Love, and Lollipops! *~*

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January 17th, 2005

11:08 pm - g00d.
So, lunch w/ grandpa went real good. I'm not sure how well I like Lois but hey,like Lacey said..as long as he isn't alllll depressed of grandma being gone, it's okay. Denis & Danny (my uncles) are working w/ eachother now..I think that's great. I have court in the mornin, I'm gettin kinda nervous, that motha fuckin judge better let me off project stay..sorry ass mother fucker..Grr! Tonight was FUNNY, Charles came down here and we kept spraying perfume on him and lighting like his arm or pants on fire and putting it out..Dangerous..but funny as fuck! I really miss Amber....School sucks without her, I have no fucking life without her, why'd she have to move!?! Grr. I want her to come back. And, now she's like grounded AGAIN, Grr..Amber Lynn stop gettin' grounded so you can come seeeee me! Anyway, I need to go, Amber, if you get the chance to read this I LOVE YOU!!!

*~* Peace Love & Lollipops, Peepz *~*
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Current Music: I Bet You Think This Song is About you -Janet Jackson lol

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January 16th, 2005

02:27 am - Hmm...
So, tonight was different I guess. I was watching grandma and my grandpa thompson called..we're having lunch together tomorrow..yay! Then I called my daddy..I really just wanted 2 know if He was going to be here on Tuesday and we ended up talking for an HOUR! It was insane! I was cussing and we where just talking and in general having good flowing conversation ya know? It was great. He's not *THAT* bad. It's different when Julie isn't around I guess. *sigh* If he's in town on Friday I'm going to stay the night w/ him on Friday night & then on Saturday he's bringing me back home. I kinda want Shawn to go too..but i'm afraid to ask my daddy & Shawn probably wouldn't go...oh-well. Tomorrow is gonna be a good day. After I get done having lunch w/ my grandpa I'm gonna call eric then we're gonna chill. It'll be fun. I guess? I hope! Today/tonight was just in general a good day/night lol But, anyway, I'm gonna go. I'll update some more lata!

<3 Homiez.
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